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AHT is here to inform and provide all the necessary information you need about Raisin, its nutritional facts, benefits and varieties.
Raisins are obtained primarily by drying grapes, either in the sun or driers, which ultimately turns the color of grapes into golden, green or black. They are naturally sweet in flavor. AHT’s Raisins, FSSC 22000 approved quality, with its high nutrition and powerful health benefits are checked and tested many many times by the most accredited laboratories around the world. If you wish to have a comprehensive list of raisins nutritional value, click here.
Raisins & sultana are produced from the same grape and the only difference is the way they are dried. Raisins/Sultana are dried naturally while golden raisins are treated with SO2 during its process. All kind of Raisins and Dates are in one category of Dried Fruit and we supply the highest quality of them all.
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